Gary Q.

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In 2004, the internet lost an amazing talent and all these years later we still have no explanation why. We have held out hope that eventually he would resurface and take claim to his work as well as the site that has been maintained in his name. As a founding member of the community that originated partially because of Gary's stories (The Fort Family), Jeff P. has made these works available for all of our family sites to share and pay tribute to the one man who is very responsible for our core team becoming family. In doing so, we hope new members of The Fort Family see just a little of why we are who we are today as a group.

The site remains the home for all of the works of a missing friend and although promised continuations or the conclusion of his last story (From Hell to Aunt Marge's) will most likely never come to see the light of day, they are worth sharing and therefore, are made available right here on this co-hosting site. We hope you enjoy what quite literally is a cornerstone to all that resides on our sites today. The following works are in the process of being edited for obvious mistakes, original unedited works can be found in Gary's Garden; Up In The Loft.

Stories by Gary Q.